Patient Comments

"I have been coming to AWARE throughout the years for different surgeries I've had, and each time I feel like I'm going to therapy at my family's! The staff is so attentive and understanding, they make sure you are well taken care of and don't push you out the door just because your "appointment time" is up! The fact the the therapist actually takes the time to make sure I fully understand my treatment is something that you don't see these days in health care! I love AWARE and am very grateful for their help." - Ann F

"I came to AWARE with severe hip pain. I was very impressed with the facilities and the treatment. After two weeks of exercise I have no hip pain!" - Barbara J.

"Because of Aware Physical Therapy (Thank you Rob!) I can drive, I can wash and blowdry my hair, I can reach the wine glasses, I can swing my seven iron, I can reach out to get the ball, I can vacuum the house, I can work all day at my computer without pain, I can pick up my purse, I can sleep in my own bed... None of these things I could do before therapy! I could not be happier with Aware Physical Therapy, Thank You!" - Pam G.  

"At the time of my first visit getting out of bed was a chore, it was all I could do to put my shoes and socks on, the same goes for lifting my legs to get dressed. After coming to Aware for a month I can now get out of bed and get dressed with zero pain and no problems." - Richard C

"My treatment at Aware has been very successful. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable in their treatment. My pain in my neck and back are becoming issues of the past!" - Allen P.

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