Wellness & Fitness

AWARE Wellness & Fitness Center

1315 S. Hawthorne Rd. W-S


Facility Offering:






            Recumbent cycles

            Upright cycles

            Cycle Classes

Strength Training


            Free Weights


Personal Training

A trained professional can make the road to attaining your fitness goals smoother and more successful.


Plan & Conquer –a trainer can help you set goals and choose exercises that are right for you.

A Helping Hand –a trainer can help you to give your best effort every session using encouragement, motivation and instruction.

The Right Way –performing an exercise incorrectly increases risk for injury and prevents many people from achieving the desired results with their workout routines. A trainer can teach proper technique to minimize injury and maximize outcomes to exercise.


12 Week Fitness Program

AWARE Wellness is a progressive 12-week fitness program created to guide individuals needing help to make exercise a habit. By using cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training, clients are able to participate in a state of the art and judgment free setting that stresses comfort.

Clients are evaluated and monitored over the 12 weeks with documented progress communicated privately with individually and/or to their physician/healthcare professional as needed. The individual has the opportunity to utilize provided instruction to help meet their wellness goals. Individuals can receive extra attention as needed to challenge or stay motivated.

Participants receive four one-on-one appointments over the 12 weeks: 

Initial/Week 4/Week 8/Start Week 13.

AWARE Wellness Advantage: The client cant benefit overcoming traditional pitfalls of starting and maintaining a successful fitness program. Utilizing a cooperative effort with Physician/Healthcare professionals for recommendation and referral to participate, this Physical Therapist directed program allows patients to be eligible for insurance benefits to cover cost.




Single day use of facility or individual class- $8

Monthly Membership- $49 (includes use of facility and unlimited group exercise classes)

Personal Training

            ½ hour session: $30

            1-hour session: $50 

Personal Training Membership Packages- If you purchase one of these packages, the cost of the monthly gym membership is reduced.

            4 sessions  (½ hour or 1-hour) with a monthly membership rate of $35

            8 sessions (½ hour or 1-hour) with a monthly membership rate of $20

            12 sessions (½ hour or 1-hour) with a monthly membership rate of $0

12-Week Wellness- $115 per month (Due to this individualized program please call and schedule a free consultation. Certain participates may be eligible for insurance benefits to cover cost.)